Bulk Premium Bamboo Toothbrushes (10 + 2 Free)


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Get 2 free SOLID bamboo toothbrushes when you select a 10 pack. Choose either all adult toothbrushes, or a mix of adult and children’s brushes.

Designed by a dental hygienist, SOLID bamboo toothbrushes are available in soft and medium.

We recommend a soft toothbrush, particularly if:

  • you have sensitive teeth or gums. A gentle toothbrush allows for longer brushing without the discomfort.
  • you have been advised by a dentist that you have toothbrush abrasion or gingival recession caused by toothbrushing.

We recommend a soft toothbrush for:

  • Children with hypoplastic or hypomineralised (“chalky”) teeth.
  • Children who find brushing uncomfortable due to sensory reasons.
  • Baby’s first toothbrush.

If you’ve never tried bamboo, starting with a good brush makes the change a lot easier. If you’ve already gone bamboo, you’ll love the difference a premium brush can make. Choose to receive your brushes in recyclable or compostable cardboard boxes, or without boxes.


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