Solid FAQ

Do you make fluoride free toothpaste?

We do not. Our founder, Laura, is an oral health therapist and could not in good conscience promote or sell a fluoride free toothpaste, based on the current scientific research available πŸ™‚ Learn more here.

How do you use toothpaste tablets?

Pop a toothpaste tab, chew it gently, and then brush your teeth as normal for two minutes. Your saliva causes the tablet to transform into toothpaste. Spit, rinse your brush, smile. Watch a video here.

How do you use kids’ toothpaste tablets?

We don’t recommend that children under 5 chew toothpaste tabs. If your child is 5 and under: Press / crush a tablet into wet toothbrush bristles and then assist your child to brush their teeth as normal for two minutes. The water causes the tablet to transform into toothpaste. If your child is over 6: Use two tabs as above, or they can choose to chew the tabs, then brush as normal.

How do you use Solid toothpaste in a jar?

Use a spatula or the end of a teaspoon to scoop out a pea sized amount, apply it to your toothbrush, and brush as normal. our toothpaste scoop is the easiest and best way to scoop toothpaste.

Can I travel with Solid toothpaste in a jar?

We recommend toothpaste tablets or powder for ease of use when travelling. Our aluminium lids do not contain a plastic inner so may leak if the lid is loose or tipped.

Solid FAQ: NZ Made Toothpaste and Oral Care Products

My toothpaste is harder/softer than usual?

Like many natural cosmetics, Solid toothpaste may become harder in colder temperatures and softer in hot summer temperatures. Simply store jar in a warmer/cooler place and it will return to the proper consistency. If you prefer a softer paste, you can add a few drops of cooled, boiled water to your jar and stir. Adding this tiny amount will not affect the toothpaste’s self preserving system.

Eeek! My toothpaste tablets look spiky or fuzzy ?

This can happen in cold temperatures. It’s the natural menthol crystallising. Your tablets are perfectly safe to use πŸ™‚

Eeek! My mouthwash has spiky crystals in it?

This can happen in cold temperatures. It’s the natural menthol crystallising. Gently tilt up and down to redisperse. Your mouthwash is perfectly safe to use πŸ™‚

Do you sell NZ made toothpaste tablets?

Yes! We are one of the few NZ companies that do not repackage toothpaste tablets imported from Germany or China. Solid toothpaste tablets are formulated by a New Zealand dental professional and are made in our own toothpaste lab. Our proprietary manufacturing process means our tablets transform into paste much easier than other toothpaste tablets on the market. It also prevents chalky or gritty tablets. Read our reviews for the proof πŸ˜‰

Should I use mouthwash?

It depends on why you are using it. Many mouthwashes provide that nose clearing, extra strong flavour, but this doesn’t really freshen your breath. For improved gum health and fresh breath, we developed Solid oxygenating mouthwash. Learn more here.

Where are Solid products made?

All our oral care products are formulated and made by us in Porirua, New Zealand. Our stainless steel “buy once” products, bamboo toothbrushes and dental floss are designed by us and made responsibly by our contractors in Shandong, China and Ningbo, China.

What ingredients do you use?

You can learn more about every ingredient we use here.

Can I use Solid toothpaste to brush my dog’s teeth?

No. Humans only! Our toothpaste contains xylitol, which can make dogs ill if they consume it. If you’d like a Solid dog toothpaste in the future, let us know πŸ˜‰

What should I choose?

We offer two softnesses – soft and medium. Soft is our recommended option and should suit most people, however it comes down to personal preference. We also offer a slim bamboo toothbrush which is brilliant for smaller mouths.

How often should I replace my bamboo toothbrush?

Your bamboo toothbrush should be replaced every 3 months. Snap off the head and place this in your general rubbish/landfill bin. The handle can then be repurposed (great in the garden) composted, or buried.

Why is your dental floss more sustainable?

Our floss comes in an unboxed, reusable stainless steel dispenser. Basically, we’ve designed out all the single use plastic packaging that usually surrounds dental floss. As a dental brand, we’re only happy providing a strong, dental grade floss. Solid’s dental floss is made from bamboo charcoal infused polyester. This black floss shows up plaque, and encourages you to floss more. You then dispose of it in the general waste. Note: we’ve noticed other brands advertising bamboo charcoal floss as biodegradable or compostable – this is simply not true. We suggest reading this blog for more information.

Where can I buy Solid instore?

You can view our stockists here. If your favourite local eco store, refill store or pharmacy does not stock us, please ask them to. Your request is valuable and is the reason we are in many stores.

How can I return my empty jars?

Ensure they are clean, empty and delabelled. You can then place in our returns box in Titahi Bay, post them to us, or return to your local store if they accept returns.

How will you send my order?

We’ll pack and send your order plastic free. We use repurposed paper, cardboard boxes and paper tape. We send via Courier Post and tracked New Zealand Post.