Solid Toothpaste Starter Pack

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Try out two toothpaste flavours and get a free stainless steel toothpaste scoop!

Toothpaste In A Jar

Toothpaste In A Jar

Toothpaste Scoop - Stainless Steel


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Plastic free, NZ made fluoride toothpaste in a glass jar

✓ Choose from 6 delicious flavours

✓ Sensitive and Extra Protection options available

✓ Gentle foaming action and refreshing icy after-brushing feeling

✓ Dentally approved with fluoride to protect and strengthen both adults’ and children’s teeth

✓ 180 brushes per jar

✓ Vegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free

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  1. BB Laing (verified owner)

    Very happy with the taste and getting away from plastic tubes of toothpaste. Thanks for providing an alternative.

  2. Fiona (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Amanda (verified owner)

    Perfect way to try this product, which is now our preferred toothpaste. Little spatula works well. Flavours are great, and locally made by a small business, as well.

  5. Chris M. (verified owner)

  6. Helen Paul (verified owner)

  7. Grace M. (verified owner)

    Good flavour, good texture. The spoon is great

  8. Jenny Chandler (verified owner)

    I got the sensitive mint… I’m a little sad that sensitive comes only in mint and that lemon is only extra flouride. Love orange and strawberry, cinnamon is ok was looking forward to trying lemon

  9. S Green (verified owner)

    Extremely disappointed . This is oral hygiene product and there is ability to see if the product has been tampered or used. My orange jar of toothpaste came with a big spoonful out. No amount of marketing guff reassures customer this is how it is meant to be. Customer Service need to have hard look at their responses around QA. I purchased 4 pots and this is the only one with big spoonful out. What has errked me the most is the support reply “nothing we can do – it is what it is”. WRONG. It is UNACCEPTABLE to dispatch a product, any product, let alone an oral hygiene product with a big dollop out. It is out right ridiculous to think it is OK to do that. Especially with no tamper proof. Process gaps and mistakes happen. Daft customer service replies are simply not acceptable. They only serve to undermine a business credibility. After this experience, the Solid team and the product cannot be trusted.

    • The Solid team (store manager)

      Kia ora, as discussed our jars are filled by weight and if a filled jar is overweight some product will be removed during manufacturing with a type of knife scoop to bring its weight inline. Please rest assured we are a small business who manufactures in house – all jars sent to our customers come directly from our in-house manufacturing space and we have stringent QC measures in place. Hopefully in the future we will move to a more advanced production line for filling so the surface of every toothpaste jar looks identical. Thank you for giving us a go.

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