Oxygenating Mouthwash – Bubbling Mint


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Oxygenating mouthwash in a glass bottle

✓ Gets rid of bad breath

✓ Helps keep gums clean and hygienic

✓ Mint flavour with a hint of bubblegum

✓ Alcohol free

✓ One bottle lasts 50 days

✓ Vegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free

Designed to be used alongside a Solid Metal Tongue Scraper

Detailed info on how Solid Oxygenating Mouthwash gets rid of bad breath

Storage tip: Keep unopened bottles in the fridge to prolong shelf life.


250ml mouthwash in a glass bottle with aluminium lid


Purified water, glycerin, xylitol, hydrogen peroxide (1.5%), polysorbate 20, mint flavour oil, sodium citrate.

This product utilises oxygen: for best results use within 3 months of opening bottle. Keep unopened bottles in the fridge to prolong shelf life.

Directions for use

For fresh breath: Hold one capful of mouthwash on top of your tongue for 60 seconds or until you feel bubbling. Spit. Rinse if desired.

To support teeth and gum hygiene: Swish one capful of mouthwash around your teeth and gums for 60 seconds. Spit.

Storage tip: Keep unopened bottles in the fridge to prolong shelf life.

106 reviews for Oxygenating Mouthwash – Bubbling Mint

  1. zeroWasterisMyFocus (verified owner)

    Great product. Exxellent quality. It sometimes is a bit cold as you have to store in fridge (bit tedious that part). Bottle needs changing as very low resuse style.

  2. Charlotte (verified owner)

    So it is not bubbling, it is foaming which is entirely different, and not pleasant, the recommended dose of one capful is 5ml and it is not enough for me to feel fresh so I use 10ml and it makes the product too expensive, finally the taste is weird and not enjoyable for me. Will not buy again but appreciate the sustainability of it and that others enjoy it.

  3. Brydie Washington (verified owner)

  4. Heidi (verified owner)

    I find this to be frothy not bubbly, and mildly minty. I pour a capful into a wee medicine glass to use it.

  5. Jo (verified owner)

    Nice tasting mouthwash – fresh but not overpowering. Will only use this!

  6. Jacquie (verified owner)

    I love that it’s not too sweet. Feels very organic and refreshing. Love that it’s in a glass container!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Taniwha (verified owner)

    I can’t stand mouthwashes! They taste like battery acid. However, this mouthwash is by far the best I have ever used. I love it! It really adds to maintaining my oral hygiene. I look forward to using it every morning. Thanks for creating this product aye?

  9. Linda H. (verified owner)

  10. Caroline Toplis (verified owner)

  11. Pip Beets (verified owner)

    I love how ‘clean’ my mouth feels without ‘blowing’ my head off like other mouthwash.

  12. Lisa B. (verified owner)

    Really feel like it helps to keep my whole mouth cleaner

  13. Natalie (verified owner)

    Gentle and weirdly frothy, love it!

  14. Eva (verified owner)

    It’s nice while using and I love the bottle, although not a fan of the aftertaste unfortunately.

  15. Michele (verified owner)

    Great taste and very effective at cleaning your tongue.

  16. Rachel C. (verified owner)

    lightly fizzy, refreshing and wonderful to use

  17. Jacqui E. (verified owner)

  18. Natalie C. (verified owner)

    It took a little bit of getting used to but I enjoy using this product now and am stoked with how many uses I get from one bottle.

  19. Vivienne (verified owner)

    I would have preferred a little less fizz and a bit more mint flavour. Otherwise good.

  20. Michele (verified owner)

    Love the flavour, not too in your face, just a pleasant hint. Does a great job of cleaning my tongue. Will certainly continue to order this.

  21. Nicola M. (verified owner)

    The mouthwash is very fresh and has a gentle minty taste which doesn’t burn like other products. It’s definitely become my favourite product and l love the glass bottle!

  22. Tracy (verified owner)

    Great flovourcand breath freshness

  23. Rohan (verified owner)

    Better than any mouthwash I’ve tried and doesn’t have that burning or artificial aftertaste

  24. Dan B. (verified owner)

    Gives your mouth a minty buzz afterwards and awesome that it’s in a glass bottle to avoid plastic. Refreshing and feels good to be supporting a company making those changes that make a big difference to the environment. Keep up the great work team!

  25. dina t. (verified owner)

    this feels great , the bubbles feel fresh

  26. Kathryn B. (verified owner)

    It took a bit of getting used to. I was expecting to feel “bubbling”. But realised it was frothing. Best mouthwash ever.

  27. Shaun A. (verified owner)

    I didn’t like flavour, but wife did, and I bought it for her anyway

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)


  29. Sam H. (verified owner)

    Nice flavour.

  30. Melissa M. (verified owner)

    I’m a big mouthwash user and this would be one of the nicest I’ve tried. While it does have a slight has a bubble gum flavour it doesn’t have the synthetic taste that other mouthwashes have. I would be keen to try another flavour but will definitely buy this again.

  31. Anya (verified owner)

    My second time purchasing it. Works amazing in combo with a tongue scraper.

  32. Kayla B. (verified owner)

    Tastes good and leaves my mouth feeling nice and fresh.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great gifts. Can’t wait to use.

  34. Kaylie (verified owner)

    Love the foamy-ness and a little goes a long way

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Effective and doesn’t leave that after taste of other mouth wash. Refreshing.

  36. Rosie D. (verified owner)

    Unbelievably good

  37. Alessandra D. (verified owner)

    It’s working very well but the bubbling method is not for me because I tend to get nauseous in the morning.

  38. JJ (verified owner)

    Great mouth wash

  39. Jenna M. (verified owner)

    works and tastes good!

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Refreshing to use and gives a clean mouth feel. I like it. The cap doesn’t make for a great cup/dispensing vessel but that’s not a big deal.

  41. Anna S. (verified owner)

    not a huge fan of the bubble-gum flavour

  42. Lisa (verified owner)

    The product does exactly what it says and very pleasant to use. I would recommend this product in addition to regular use of toothpaste

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The bubbliness is a bit odd at first but very satisfying

  44. Phil B. (verified owner)

    Interesting, pleasant taste. Not as harsh as current mouth wash. Not comfortable having glass in the bathroom. A lot more expensive. But same comment as previous on supermarket prices.

  45. Tim W. (verified owner)

    This stuff is weird. But my mouth feels good.

  46. Angela M. (verified owner)

    A great mouthwash. Thanks!

  47. Alison R. (verified owner)

    I won’t buy this again as it feels as though the recommended ‘one capful’ is barely enough to slosh around my mouth. I started using a bit more as I’m used to having it feel like I have a proper mouthful of liquid with a mouthwash. Then not sure about the value anymore as I went through it much faster. It’s also hard to dispense one capful as it spills. This is obviously just my personal preference, nothing wrong with the product (which tastes nice).

  48. Di B. (verified owner)

    Love it will order big one next time

  49. Aja M. (verified owner)

    Love using this just before I use my tongue scraper

  50. Jeena B. (verified owner)

    Taste is not for me.

  51. Julianna (verified owner)

    Pretty cool

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Refreshing and long-lasting

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hurts my mouth and runs out quite quickly

  54. Sherri (verified owner)

    Love this mouthwash

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product. Love the bubbling effect!

  56. Rachel M. (verified owner)

    It isn’t too strong so your mouth feels fresh without too strong an aftertaste.

  57. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Taste good. Cleans your breath.

  58. Karen R. (verified owner)

    Did not enjoy the flavour.

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Left mouth feeling fresh and clean.

  60. Fran (verified owner)

    Great refreshing mouthwash, highly recommended

  61. Amy (verified owner)


  62. Nancy (verified owner)

    Enjoying the fresh, clean feeling (and the bubbles/foam).

  63. Kea C. (verified owner)

    Big fan, love the build up of bubbles!

  64. Suzi W. (verified owner)

    Enjoyable taste and feeling; only downside is that the cap is quite shallow, so it’s difficult for me to dip my dental brush in it between applications.

  65. Melissa Churchouse (verified owner)

    So little for so much! Great!

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great flavour, doesn’t burn my mouth. A little goes a long way

  67. Tracy T. (verified owner)

    Lovely and refreshing

  68. Traci (verified owner)

    You only need a capful and it bubbles up well and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

  69. Jo (verified owner)

    We really like this mouthwash. It’s mild, and bubbles nicely. We’ve noticed our teeth feel smoother and not as furry, so it’s a definite repurchase when we run out!

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The frothing tastes a bit of getting used to but its great 🙂

  71. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Makes my mouth feel so clean! excellent product and a repeat purchase.

  72. Kirsty (verified owner)

    The bubbling just feels that it’s deep cleaning… I like it!

  73. Shona V. (verified owner)

    Top quality product

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)


  75. Juliette S. (verified owner)

    My whole family use this. It is amazing.

  76. Pip (verified owner)

    Love this mouth wash, certainly helping my oral hygiene.

  77. Tatjana (verified owner)

    Easy to use. A bit funny feeling as it needs to stay on your tongue. Is gives freshness feeling nevetheless. Zero waste and no plastic 🙂

  78. Jodi (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Effective but doesn’t leave my mouth burning and my eyes watering

  79. Krystal (verified owner)

    Love that it doesn’t burn like some mouth washs do. A small cap full does the trick.

  80. Ceri (verified owner)

    Like the feeling it leaves in my mouth.

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is amazing stuff, my partner struggled with morning breath, tried all sorts, but this actually works. And no waste/plastic

  82. Alison (verified owner)

    Still getting used to this, but seems good overall

  83. Mia (verified owner)

    What a fabulous product, wish I had discovered it a long time ago. Has really settled down inflamed gums. Would totally recommend.

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very refreshing, nice taste

  85. Debbie B. (verified owner)

    Love how the mouthwash bubbles on your tongue!

  86. Patricia (verified owner)

    Great flavour and action. Just wish the bottles were a bit bigger!

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really like the mouthwash – the taste is great and like the bubbling – will definitely be back for more 🙂

  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Doesn’t feel as harsh as other mouth washes I’ve used but leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh

  89. Dominique (verified owner)

    LOVING EVERYTHING about these products! Not only do I love looking at my bathroom counter and seeing minimal to zero nasty packaging but the formulations of the toothpaste and mouthwash are awesome! Nice amount of frothing and flavour to make everything clean and healthy. The tongue scraper is a pretty nifty wee tool as well. Easy to use and I am already aware of an improvement in my oral health and odour.

  90. Richard Q. (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the glass bottle. I now use this before brushing as it doesn’t leave the mouth feeling as fresh as I would have liked. But will definitely buy again.

  91. Jo Prigmore (verified owner)

    It seems strange to use such a small amount but it’s really effective. I like the fresh flavour and how it leaves my mouth feeling.

  92. Sarah Johnson (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I really love this mouthwash.

  93. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Still getting used to the flavour, but leaves my mouth feeling really clean and fresh

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I just love this mouthwash! 💚 All of the other kinds of mouthwash leave me, after a few days, with the beginnings of a sore throat.

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very refreshing mouthwash, but it’s just a little less bubbly as the Colgate ones. Will keep using it as this feels more gentle.

  96. Amy Charles (verified owner)

    Refreshing, nice taste, no artificial sweetener aftertaste

  97. Caitlin (verified owner)

    I think it needs to be used with the tongue scraper for best results, which I haven’t tried but happy with results without

  98. CATHERINE S. (verified owner)

    Best mouthwash I have ever used. A tiny bit goes a long way and feels so fresh without any nasty chemical residue.

  99. Ang (verified owner)

    A great mouth pep-up when needed

  100. Chanel (verified owner)

    Gentle yet refreshing with a nice minty after taste.

  101. kathryn jones (verified owner)

    better than the alternatives in terms of taste

  102. Kate (verified owner)

    I didn’t use mouth wash for a long time until this great option came up – game changer!

  103. Gina S. (verified owner)

    Very refreshing and not too strong

  104. cecile (verified owner)

    love it


    The best mouthwash I have used, and it feels so fantastic – you can feel it working and you only need a small capful. I find the toothpastes to be amazing at cleaning the teeth, and this along with a tounge scrape just makes me feel amazing. Big Fan. Awesome job!

  106. Madison Oosterbroek (verified owner)

    I haven’t been able to find a mouthwash in the past that didn’t irritate my gums and cause gloopy stuff to form in my mouth (sorry for the tmi) but this one is amazing! Haven’t had any similar problems with it and I it makes my mouth feel so clean! Definitely feel like fresh breath lasts longer using this! Only sad thing is I seem to be going through it quite quickly.

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