What’s a Toothpaste Tablet?

It’s toothpaste in tablet form. When they meet water or saliva, they transform into toothpaste.

They still have fluoride to protect your teeth, they still give you a fresh minty taste, and yes, you still physically brush with a toothbrush!

We also have special children’s toothpaste tablets designed especially for our younger family members.

For those who prefer the classic toothpaste format, we have the only New Zealand made fluoride toothpaste in a jar.

For those who need a natural, yet extremely effective fresh breath solution, meet our oxygenating mouthwash.

Instead of plastic, all our products come in amber glass containers that you can return to us for refilling.

We’ve also handpicked the best stainless steel tongue scrapers, premium bamboo toothbrushes, and naked dental floss to complement our innovative products.

You can rest assured that all SOLID Oral Care products adhere to our founding principles:

Effective and healthy formulations. We only use scientifically backed, quality ingredients that are safe for you and our world.

Sustainable products and packaging. We’re passionate about reducing the amount of plastic waste generated by personal care products.