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Thinking about switching to a bamboo toothbrush?

20 million plastic toothbrushes are disposed of each year in NZ. You’ve just made that number smaller.

Designed by a dental hygienist, Solid bamboo toothbrushes are available in soft and medium. They work great with our toothpaste tablets, toothpaste in a jar, and toothpaste powder.

If you’ve never tried bamboo, starting with a good brush makes the change a lot easier. If you’ve already gone bamboo, you’ll love the difference a premium brush can make. Solid premium bamboo toothbrushes have a comfortable round handle and a coloured end, so you can easily tell which brush is yours.

Always store your bamboo toothbrushes in a dry area after use to keep them in tip top shape.

Choose to receive your brush in a recyclable or compostable cardboard box, or without a box.

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27 reviews for Premium Bamboo Toothbrush (Adults)

  1. Catherine Jill (verified owner)

    Very good

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I do like these soft bristled tooth brushes. The sealed, colour coded ends are a good idea too.

  3. Foote Mel (verified owner)


  4. Sara (verified owner)

    Effective, and doubles as kindling in the winter! Painted tip works well to prevent mould developing.

  5. Renee (verified owner)

    Feels far nicer in your hand and mouth than a plastic toothbrush. Will be a permanent switch to this style

  6. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Good value and feels like I’ve had a good clean.

  7. Deborah P. (verified owner)

    Great toothbrushes, bristles are a bit firmer which suits us.

  8. Christine B. (verified owner)

    I prefer this bamboo toothbrush over my previous one as the handle is more comfy and brush head slightly bigger. Easy purchase and pick up arrangements.

  9. Sarah Johnson (verified owner)

    Haven’t used these yet! but they look great.

  10. Helen A. (verified owner)

    Many bamboo toothbrushes feel too soft, but this one is just right (medium).

  11. Sue A. (verified owner)

    Look good – haven’t used yet but the kids love the colour coding 🙂

  12. Marayke B. (verified owner)

    Great toothbrush.

  13. Debby (verified owner)

    Love it, easy to identify as mine and nice and soft on my teeth and gums, but strong enough to do it’s thing. I love that it has a wee cover on the bottom to stop it getting yucky

  14. Anne (verified owner)

    Really good brush 🙂

  15. Georgia (verified owner)

    Great brush

  16. Trudy (verified owner)

    Really good bamboo brush, just the right softness, gentle on the mouth, no scratchy bits!

  17. Marion (verified owner)

    Looks good. Haven’t used yet.

  18. Indianna (verified owner)

    Sturdy toothbrush!

  19. Kate (verified owner)

    Fabulous – good quality and the colours are a great idea

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice product

  21. Jane B. (verified owner)

    Great, love the painted handle so it doesn’t go mouldy! Really nice toothbrushes

  22. Jeannie L. (verified owner)

    Medium to firm brush. Oddly, the round handle gives me more flexibility (in my mouth) to get to my back teeth.

  23. Amanda W. (verified owner)

    Feel good to hold. The soft is incredibly soft, I think even the medium feels pretty soft.

  24. Jane H. (verified owner)

    Feels good to hold, great quality bristles

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)


  26. Gina S. (verified owner)

    Not tried yet

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great looking and feeling toothbrush.

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