Fluoride Toothpaste (Fresh Mint)

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SOLID fluoride toothpaste in a glass jar is a safe, effective and eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube.

Designed and made by a New Zealand oral health therapist, this fresh mint toothpaste will strengthen and polish your teeth, and help prevent plaque buildup. Our jars contain the same amount of paste as a tube of toothpaste (90g), yet our unique water-free formula means you need less product for the same cleansing and protective effect.

Directions for use: Using a clean dry spatula or spoon, apply desired amount of toothpaste to toothbrush, add water, then brush teeth. Children 6 & under: Use a pea sized amount or less for supervised brushing to minimise swallowing. Spit excess, rinsing is not necessary. Use morning and night.

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, xylitol, glycerin (palm-free), coconut oil, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium bicarbonate, mint flavour oil, acacia gum, monk fruit extract; contains 1000ppm fluoride as sodium monofluorophosphate. More information on each ingredient.

This product is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and sodium lauryl sulfate free.

This product is self preserving: please close lid after use to prevent water contamination. You can return this container for a $1 credit.

6 reviews for Fluoride Toothpaste (Fresh Mint)

  1. Madison Oosterbroek (verified owner)

    Love the flavour of the toothpaste! And it lasts really well!

  2. Sian at Sea Society NZ (verified owner)

    I have been using Solid Oral Care for several months now. It’s effective and has great flavour! I highly recommend this toothpaste.

  3. Kiah G (verified owner)

    LOVE this stuff, honestly the best minimal waste toothpaste I’ve found. Taste great, leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean and super easy to apply and use ? finally someone is leading the way for toothpaste alternative to the commercial stuff packed full of ingredients they don’t even list on the packaging. That says something!
    Keep up the good work Solid team

  4. Katie Nimmo (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product with all the right values behind it. It’s great to find an alternative toothpaste with flouride in it too. Ticks all the boxes!

  5. Claudia (verified owner)

    FINALLY! This stuff answers all of my toothpaste dreams, I honestly am still pinching myself that it is real. I have tried so many toothpastes over the years, with my first priority being cruelty free but so desperately wanting to also to find a product that wasn’t filled with nasty chemicals (but did have fluoride!), didn’t come in a terrible plastic tube, and didn’t compromise on flavour or mouth-feel to achieve the above. I’ve found many that have one or two of these characteristics, but none that had all – often the more natural toothpastes don’t foam or taste weird, or don’t have fluoride. And although some come with a return-to-recycle scheme, none have been in anything other than plastic. UNTIL NOW! This toothpaste foams, tastes delicious (SO minty, and with a teeny hint of bubblegum), has all the fluoride I need for healthy teeth (but none of the other ingredients I don’t!), AND comes in glass that can still be returned and reused. Love love love, I have already told so many of my friends and family about this product. Please don’t ever stop making this!!

  6. Trudi

    Finally found a plastic free toothpaste with fluoride that feels like its actually cleaning my teeth 👍

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