The Solid Oral Care Story


Kia ora! I’m Laura and this is why I started Solid Oral Care, now known as Solid.

I’ve always been fascinated by teeth. I still have my extracted teeth from when I got braces! This led me to study and train as an oral health therapist. I worked with both children and adults as a dental therapist and a dental hygienist. Then, the waste started to get to me.

Each dental appointment generated SO much single use plastic

All the toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash I would recommend to my patients were made of plastic, or packaged in plastic, or both.

I started becoming more conscious of the waste I was producing in my personal life. I was using cloth nappies on my baby, toting around reusable containers for sushi. Using shampoo bars, and formulating my own face oil.

Because of my background, I’m super fussy about what products I use on my teeth.

There just wasn’t any low waste toothpaste around that ticked all my boxes

contains fluoride

tastes good

suitable for my sensitive teeth

made in New Zealand

I started formulating my own oral care products as Solid Oral Care in early 2019

As of 2022, we now have four team members, myself, Cathie, Adam and Eva. And our mission is to be New Zealand’s most sustainable toothpaste company.