Cinnamon Toothpaste + Fluoride


Toothpaste Scoop - Stainless Steel

Plastic free, NZ made cinnamon toothpaste in a glass jar

✓ Warm and zingy cinnamon flavour with a refreshing cool finish

✓ Gentle foaming action

✓ Dentally approved with 1000ppm fluoride to protect and strengthen both adults’ and children’s teeth

✓ 180 brushes per jar

✓ Vegan, cruelty free, and palm oil free

Return your Solid jars or bottles and get free toothpaste!


95g toothpaste in a glass jar with an aluminium lid


Calcium carbonate, xylitol, glycerin, water, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil, flavour oil, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, guar gum, menthol, monk fruit extract; contains 1000ppm fluoride as sodium monofluorophosphate. More information on each ingredient.

Directions for use

Using a clean dry spatula, apply a pea sized dab of toothpaste to toothbrush, then brush teeth for two minutes. Spit. Use morning and night. Children under 6: Use a rice grain sized dab of paste and brush with adult supervision.

Store out of reach of children and pets. This product is self preserving. Close lid after use.

85 reviews for Cinnamon Toothpaste + Fluoride

Based on 85 reviews
  1. Annie (verified owner)

    I do not like mint flavored toothpaste so this cinnamon version is great for me. Really pleased to find that it contains fluoride, really happy that it comes in easy to recycle packaging. Good price too!

  2. Cécile Bourgeois

    My favourite! Love the cinnamon flavour, leaves my teeth clean and my breath fresh.

  3. Kate (verified owner)

  4. Jennie (verified owner)

  5. Nicky M. (verified owner)

    Lovely flavour,my favorite toothpaste

  6. Linda H. (verified owner)

    Remember that cinnamon gum from years ago, this is the toothpaste equivalent!

  7. Emma T. (verified owner)

    Such a lovely toothpaste, very tasty. Highly recommend it and can’t wait to try the other flavours

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smells divine and foams up well. My only suggestion for improvement is to boost the cinnamon flavour. I was excited when I opened the jar as it smelt very much like cinnamon but the actual flavour is cinnamon-lite – too sweet and bubblegum tasting for my personal preference. Regardless – so happy that a NZ company is leaning into cinnamon flavours (I haven’t been able to find a good option here and have had to buy cinnamon toothpaste from the US). Will buy again 🙂

  9. Rachel Dick (verified owner)

    Its delicious!

  10. Lisa F. (verified owner)

    Love the. I really love cinnamon and it is so nice to have something other than mint! Can’t wait to try some of the other different flavours

  11. Dave (verified owner)


  12. Debbie M. (verified owner)

    Yep good too

  13. Fiona (verified owner)

    To my surprise I love the cinnamon flavour. This time I purchased 3 flavours I have never tried before, thinking I wouldn’t like the cinnamon.. Low and behold, don’t tell anyone, but it my favourite out of the three.. I’m still gob smacked that I love it. Thank you ♥ ♥ from the cinnamon convert..

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My fave flavour

  15. Sam H. (verified owner)

    Love the cinnamon flavour of this paste.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this! It’s a great taste, not overpowering. I will definitely repurchase this.

  17. Sue R. (verified owner)

    Great stuff!

  18. Rachel B. (verified owner)

    Really good!

  19. Debbie A. (verified owner)

    Nice taste & feeling good about not buying more plastic

  20. Jennifer R. (verified owner)

    Love this product. Not only is it delicious, it’s plastic free AND made right here in Aotearoa!

  21. Zoe H. (verified owner)

    Whoever thought of this flavour is a genius. I have this every now and then as I prefer to stick to the sensitive toothpaste – my husband however loves it and I don’t think he’ll be able to go back to any other flavour!

  22. Marilyn (verified owner)

    A good option to tube paste. As I like the taste of cinnamon this suits me.

  23. Sarah (verified owner)

    Favourite toothpaste – the spiciness gives a similar mouth refreshing sensation as a mint toothpaste would, but without the mint flavour

  24. JJ (verified owner)

    Another awesome product.

  25. Sandra T. (verified owner)

    Love cinnamon so love cleaning teeth with this

  26. Edward T. (verified owner)

    Nice feel in the mouth appears to clean my teeth as expected

  27. Monique W. (verified owner)

    easy to use, could have a stronger cinnamon taste, but then I love cinnamon

  28. Jess (verified owner)

    Not as good a flavor as the strawberry one, but it’s nice to change things up. Cleans well. I find this one is usually a bit thicker than the strawberry.

  29. Tanya C. (verified owner)

    The BEST toothpaste ever :o)

  30. Tony (verified owner)

    I really like the flavour. Seems to work just as well as tube toothpaste. Very generous sized jars. I love the fact these are reusable or recyclable. Multinationals are really behind on the 8 ball. Thank you SOLID team.

  31. Alessandra D. (verified owner)

    Unique flavour. I use it to alternate with classic mint/spearmint

  32. Jo B. (verified owner)

    I love this product. It is great to have a non-minty toothpaste that isn’t like bubble gum.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really like the taste and find this easier to use than the tablets. It seems to make my teeth feel and look very clean.

  34. Aja M. (verified owner)

    My favourite toothpaste I’ve ever used!

  35. Justine (verified owner)

    Smells great but we haven’t tried this yet as we’re still getting through the strawberry one.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My first Solid toothpaste and now I am a convert!

  37. Alison (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, dies what it says in the box and it’s nice to have an alternative to mint.

  38. Catherine (verified owner)

    Love the spiciness of the cinnamon flavour

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The toothpaste was tough and dry. The aftertaste was awful and lingered for a long time. I usually love anything cinnamon, but not this time. The strawberry one was good though.

  40. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Great taste and texture.

  41. Ross P. (verified owner)

    Great product. Love the non-minty flavour, and leaves my teeth feeling super clean and fresh. Jar looks a lot nicer in my bathroom than a plastic tube too.

  42. Janice B. (verified owner)

    Love this! Teeth feel clean and breath fresh.. no wastage and minimal foam which takes a bit of getting used to

  43. Sarah (verified owner)

    Unusual taste but I love it

  44. Angela H. (verified owner)

    It’s great, but I think I’d prefer the cinnamon flavour in a tooth powder.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My new favourite! Minty toothpastes give me a reaction on my tongue and I’ve been looking for so long for a locally made toothpaste, not menthol or mint, and WITH FLOURIDE! Thank you. The cinnamon is yum and you still feel a freshness.

  46. Nancy (verified owner)

    Love the cinnamon and clove combination!

  47. Kea C. (verified owner)

    Kids love it!

  48. Jill (verified owner)

    Unusual flavour – I’ll be sticking to mint from now on. Just a personal preference, nothing wrong with the product.

  49. Suzi W. (verified owner)

    Goo flavour, a bit gritty (which might actually be a useful thing), have had to get used to lots of extra saliva being produced, and standing over the sink while brushing, to avoid drool on the clothing. I will try one of the mint flavours next, as I miss that minty aftertaste.

  50. Bernadette (verified owner)

    Cinnamon is by far my favourite flavor.

  51. Natasha B. (verified owner)

    It has a freshness with the lovely cinnamon taste!

  52. Nadia d. (verified owner)

    My daughter hates the taste of peppermint toothpaste, she loves this cinnamon flavour. Order was sent promptly and I love the sustainable packaging – no plastic in sight!

  53. Nici B. (verified owner)

    Great flavour, almost not quite enough cinnamon. My teeth feel clean and my breath smells good.

  54. Victoria (verified owner)

    I have to restrain myself from just hoeing into the jar with a teaspoon! Love it, love it, love it!

  55. Tania Obrien (verified owner)

    I bought this for my daughter she likes it but doesn’t love the aftertaste, says the cinnamon is a little strong.

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’d prefer a more bold cinnamon flavor but I’m not put off. I’ve bought another jar from a shop that sells Eco friendly products and am recommending Solid products to everyone.

  57. Nicole S. (verified owner)

    My husband loves this flavour, they much prefer it to the mint!

  58. Juliette S. (verified owner)

    The whole family love the taste.

  59. Lisa (verified owner)

    My husband was wanting to find a cinnamon toothpaste to replace the one he used to use. Very happy to find one made in NZ and in a sustainable glass container.

  60. Dianne Davie (verified owner)

    I love my toothpaste. My mouth and teeth feel clean and fresh.

  61. Mathea (verified owner)

    Tasty and effective, a bit messy but does the job well.

  62. H W. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  63. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Brilliant, just like normal toothpaste but without the waste. Everyone needs to try. Love the cinnamon taste as something different.

  64. Gill (verified owner)

    Yummy flavour and my teeth feel nice and clean 🙂

  65. Vanessa (verified owner)

    I really like this toothpaste (especially no plastic) but I do miss the freshness of mint (probably just what I’m used to).

  66. Deborah G. (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do. The cinnamon flavour is just as fresh in the mouth as mint.

  67. Dominique (verified owner)

    LOVING EVERYTHING about these products! Not only do I love looking at my bathroom counter and seeing minimal to zero nasty packaging but the formulations of the toothpaste and mouthwash are awesome! Nice amount of frothing and flavour to make everything clean and healthy. The tongue scraper is a pretty nifty wee tool as well. Easy to use and I am already aware of an improvement in my oral health and odour.

  68. Deborah P. (verified owner)

    My favourite by far, cinnamon is the best!

  69. Erin M. (verified owner)

    Amazing flavour, tastes like Christmas. Love it.

  70. Scott (verified owner)

    Tasty, spreads and foams like a dream. Legitimately an excellent toothpaste, and its waste-free packaging is the icing on the cake.

  71. Tracey (verified owner)

    Love this one like apple crumble, also has the important things like not too foamy and makes my teeth feel lovely and clean.

  72. Trudy (verified owner)

    Easy to use, great flavour and I love the glass jar and no plastic waste!

  73. Sharon (verified owner)

    This is my new toothpaste! I love all things cinnamon, so that’s what first got me interested but what I’ve found is this is a great toothpaste. My teeth feel cleaner for longer. I also love that the packaging is reusable.

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the flavour. Does great job leaving teeth feeling so clean and fresh. Fantastic product.

  75. Kelly (verified owner)

    It has a great strong taste and the texture is just right (doesn’t feel funny in the mouth like lots of more waste free products seem to). Have been enjoying using it and will buy again.

  76. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Teeth feel clean after use and live the cinnamon flavour.

  77. Penelope Christoffel (verified owner)

    Great flavour. Could be a tiny bit less solid.

  78. Maria (verified owner)

    No waste, great flavour

  79. Olivia H. (verified owner)

    Such a nice flavour change from mint but still had that fresh taste afterwards, teeth felt super clean. Love how much more sustainable this is for the environment and that you can return jars!

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Kids love the taste

  81. Kate (verified owner)

    Great flavour, makes a nice change

  82. Jenny (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this, nice flavour and great packaging and only toothpaste I could find that catered to my allergies.

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, we have just shifted from tubes and it was no drama at all. Flavors to suit everyone. We should have made this move sooner.

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Unique taste, not too strong.

  85. Kelly (verified owner)

    Love this flavour, it is quite sweet but it is a nice change from mint. I really appreciate that it comes in reusable jars and that these can be returned for money off your next purchase though I have been saving mine to use as spice jars.

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